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� � � � � � caoprom超碰公开,超碰97 总站 中文字幕 - 男人都来的每日更新的免费在线视频网! The Saturday morning meeting is where we discuss and debate much of our philosophy and ourmanagement strategy: it is the focal point of all our communications efforts. It's where we share ideaswe've picked up from various places. And while it's not the most exciting part of the meeting, sometimesI like to read from management articles that pertain to our business. Two of our executives, WesleyWright and Colon Washburn, seem to read just about everything there is in the way of managementliterature, and they're constantly calling useful articles or books to my attention. At the meeting, we'll talkabout competitors, specifically, but also in general. For example, we'll spend ten minutes talking abouthow Wal-Mart can compete successfully with all the good specialty retailers coming onto the scene. It'soften the place where we first decide to try things that seem unattainable. And instead of everybodyshouting it down right away, we try to figure out how to make it work. That's exactly how I ended updancing the hula on Wall Street, by making that bet at a Saturday morning meeting. And, as embarrassingas it was to have to dance on Wall Street, believe me, achieving a pretax profit of more than 8 percent,when most everybody else in the retail industry averages about half that, made it well worth the red face. � � � affreuse happening, parceque j'ai perdue ma humilite d'autre fois et